Monday, November 10, 2008

Dennis Ross: Diplomacy as Strategy

Will Obama continue the overt agression of the Bush administration? Or will he deftly switch to overt diplomacy and covert agression? The diplomacy is merely used as strategy in pursuing the same goals as always. Dennis Ross, and the likes of him, would say to their hard right companions, 'Hey, I want the same thing you want. It's just that our approach is different.'

The covert agression is just as ugly and evil as the overt agression. But it will be out of the headlines. The headlines will be portraying our 'altruistic' diplomacy to get along with everybody. When you know zionists, you know that diplomacy and "friendship" is merely strategy. The "war on terror" to shove zionism down the world's throat will go on. It'll go on for generations in one form or another by successive administrations, but it must go on, as the Decider himself stated.

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