Friday, September 26, 2008

OBSESSION: Zionist Progaganda for Continued War and Misery.

In a desperate attempt to distract the public opinion in the US and Europe away from the horrors of the Zionist-planned wars around the world, particularly in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, US neo-con Zionists have continued producing anti-Islamic smearing campaigns. The main goal is neutralizing the average persons in the US and Europe, so they would not protest the killing of millions of Iraqis and thousands of Afghanis.

Basically, the neocon Zionist campaigns such as "Islamofascism" in the media and college campuses, and the most recent attempt, a film called Obsession, aim at saying to Americans and Europeans that these Muslims out there are dangerous and bad, which justifies invading them, occupying their countries, and usurping their resources.

What these neocon Zionists forget every time is that Americans and Europeans are not that stupid. People everywhere know that US-EU invasions of Muslim countries happened FIRST, then all these announcements or actions from Muslims happened after as a reaction to the Zionist-led US-EU policies and invasions.

The US-UK invasion of the Middle East started in 1990, with the pretext of expelling Iraqis from Kuwait. But when this happened in 1991, US-EU forces did not leave, which triggered resistance to the US-EU military presence there. There was no hostility or bad blood until 1991, when US-EU forces killed about 150,000 Iraqis, in an unwarranted war. Iraq was destroyed as a strong Arab state standing in the face of the Israeli hegemony in the oil-rich Middle East.

About one and a half million Iraqis were killed by the US-EU imposed embargo and sanctions from 1990 to 2003, then more than one million Iraqis have been killed as a result of the 2003 US-EU invasion and occupation of that beleaguered country.

What did the Iraqis do to the US and Europe to deserve what has been happening to them? They have never posed any threats to Americans or Europeans.

Why is this destruction to their country?

The unequivocal answer comes from the neocon Zionist document, called "Clean Break," which was written in 1996, by the same people who planned and executed the US-EU invasion of Iraq, namely Wolfowitz, Pearle, and Feith.

It's part of a grand Zionist plan to dominate the oil-rich Middle East after destroying Arab and Muslim states one after the other, with Iran next on their menu.

Palestinians have never posed any threat to Europeans or Americans, including Jews. Before the Zionist invasion of their homeland between the two world wars, they have never participated in harming Jews.

Why were they invaded and subjected to the longest and most brutal occupation in human history, with continuous sadistic practices on daily basis since 1948?

Neocon Zionists want to distract people in Europe and America from the horrors of the Israeli occupation practices. Thus doing, they give an example of how neocon Zionists (referred to in the academia as Israel Lobby) use enormous amounts of money to keep their tight grip on the information fed to the minds of Americans and Europeans, who are bombarded with the same smearing messages from the Zionist-owned and controlled mass media (major corporate TV stations, newspapers, and magazines).

This new desperate attempt, called "Obsession," is truly a Zionist obsession to smear the victims of wars of the Zionist Empire.

It's a Zionist obsession with aggression, distortion, and hate of mankind.
For peace activists:

The best way to deal with latest neocon Zionist ploy is uncovering it as such.
Peace activists can show documentaries about the evil Israeli occupation practices during the Infifada and about the horrors of the US-EU wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
People should know that Muslims have been FIRST subjected to invasions and occupation by Israelis and their Zionist-controlled governments in Europe and America.

Speak out in your places of worship, write letters to newspapers, organize protests against any entity which participates in spreading this neocon Zionist smearing campaign.

Promoting peace is patriotic.

Promoting hate justifies oppression of victims, aggression, hostilities, and wars.


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