Saturday, September 20, 2008

Retired Meyer Lansky Interviewed in 1971

I wonder if Lansky were to retire today whether he would retire in Israel.


Anonymous said...

In 1971, I was staying in a place in Jaffa and used to go for early morning walks along the beach near the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv . One morning, opposite the old Opera House,I sat down for a rest next to an old man with a dog he called Bruiser and we got talking about all sorts of things in general. I found him to be very interesting in many subjects and to me seemed very nice guy. I liked him.We got on well together but at times I felt, not knowing why, sorry for him but we met many times after until suddenly he stopped coming to the beach - he disappeared.
Only years later did I find out that he was Meyer. All of us,including myself have made mistakes in life but, I know, he helped at many certain times in his life to help others and in particularly the land I do not name.

RickB said...

Thanks for leaving your most valuable comment. I appreciate it very much.