Thursday, August 14, 2008

Zionists will stop short of WW3

That’s right. Zionists will stop short of WW3 in pushing zionism (Jewish apartheid). I heard it from a good source.

This past weekend, I was at Milwaukee’s Arab World Fest, and a member of the paranoid tribe told me so. This member of the paranoid tribe was working the Jews for Justice table at the fest. He inquired about the WW3 ZIONISM stenciling on my cap.

I asked him if he thought the zionists would stop short of provoking world war three in supporting and defending zionism. He very emphatically replied: “Yes. Of course.”

So there you have it. But, was this Jew for Justice himself a zionist? He could very well have been. Or maybe he was one of the oh so many ‘non-zionist’ zionist Jews like the ones I’ve debated for years at In that case, his reasoning is most likely unreasonable zionist reasoning. And he just exemplified my contention that you can’t reason with a zionist; it’s impossible. Unless you want to accept the reasoning that Jewish apartheid is different than any other supremacist apartheid… as they seem to do, along with oh so many politically-correct non-Jewish, justice activists also do… so as not to offend their Jewish friends.

I don’t know whether this member of the paranoid tribe was himself a zionist. But I don’t doubt that he could’ve been. Because zionists don’t see the hypocrisy of working for justice while being a zionist. I think it’s unreasonable… even crazy.

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