Friday, March 21, 2008

Jewish Supremacism: The Big White Rabbit In The Room

In the delightful Mary Chase play, Harvey, Elwood P. Dowd is seen as the amiable town eccentric. Dowd’s biggest foible in the eyes of the townsfolk is that he has a friend, what most would call an "imaginary friend", a six foot, one-and-a-half-inch-tall big white rabbit. Dowd spends most of his time frequenting the local bars and drinking with the rabbit, who is a pooka named Harvey. A "pooka" is a friendly spirit who appears in animal form. Dowd continually disrupts his sister Veta Louise Simmons’ social life by showing up at her soirees and introducing her upper crust friends to Harvey, which none of them can see. But she finally has enough of Elwood’s quaintness and takes him out to be committed to a sanitarium, a mental institution, with the misnomer Chumley’s Rest.

As the play progresses and hilarity ensues, we finally come to learn that Harvey is not a figment of Elwood’s drunken imagination, but a real entity that can be seen by several of the other characters as well. Elwood is not crazy or scatter-brained. He can gaze upon the reality that other eyes are unwilling or incapable of seeing.

I only mention this particular play because I am currently starring in it at a local theatre, not as Elwood P. Dowd, but as Doctor Sanderson. While rehearsing one of the scenes recently, I had a revelation. This play is a perfect allegory of what is going on in America. Like Dowd, there are a few of us who can see the truth of the Jewish supremacist influence that is being exercised against our heritage, religion and traditional values. We try to introduce other people to the truth of Jewish supremacism, an ideology that is harming our society and now leads us to disaster in Iraq.

But like Elwood, we are dismissed as crazy for trying to make blind eyes see what is right in the room with them [and talking to them, if they have their TVs on]. They won’t see the big white rabbit, the pooka of Zionism. The only difference between Harvey and Jewish extremist power is that Harvey was a mischievous and inoffensive spirit who used his magical powers to make people’s lives better. Zionism has a malevolent nature that is only leading America to increasing war and hatred.

The tangible results of the Zionist white rabbit are 50,000 Americans maimed or killed in Iraq and the bankrupting of America with its multi-trillion dollar price tag. Even more damaging is the fact that the Iraq war was conceived by Jewish extremist Neocons and their agents in government and media. It has only increased hatred against the United States, and aided the influence and power of our terrorist enemies [terrorism engendered by racist, inhumane zionism; enemies of injustice].

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