Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Media MInders Scold Americans for Enjoying Memorial Day

Yes, it's true. I couldn't believe it when I was seeing it. I do want to be at the media hanging platform if  we ever come out of this nightmare. But unfortunately I think this nightmare ends with the new-wave Bolsheviks killing off millions of us Americans.

Best pic of the weekend: Dopey Biden emerging from his basement to lay a wreath at a veterans' memorial and setting an example for the public by wearing a face mask... he, his wife and his entire security entourage were sporting the same really cool jet black masks.

P.S. Love those Air Force sun glasses Mr. Vice President. You look like you were 18 years old again. Just for laughs, here is one of the highlights from when Joe was on the campaign trail, here, talking about his hairy legs, cock roaches and kids.

P.P.S. Americans, aren't you getting tired of your jewish minders? Are you fed up yet being ruled over by jews?

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