Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Czar Nicholas II And The End Of History

THE JEWS MURDERED Czar Nicholas II and the Russian Imperial Romanov Family.

One might call this atrocity executed by the Jews the “death of the family,” that is, the end of the core of society from which mutual care, obligation, and civic responsibility emanate.

There is a prophecy by St Paul that the Orthodox Church interprets as being how the door opens for the coming of the Antichrist:

“For the mystery of lawlessness doth already work: only there is one that restraineth now, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall be revealed the lawless one.”

This is to be interpreted by perceiving that the Roman Empire–as continued through Byzantium and sustained by the Russian Empire–would lose its restraining power and give free reign to Antichrist forces of which global Jewry is the primary agent.

“For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.”

This is to be understood that after the Jews blinded themselves to the obvious Incarnation of the Son of God resulting in crucifying Him, they entered into the world propagating the deception that societies are better off trampling on the remedial salt of the Gospel.

It was due to this Jewish threat that the Byzantine Emperors codified into laws prohibiting Jews from holding civil office and placing limits on their financial influence.

Lamentably, Napoleon, in seeking Jewish funding for his military campaigns, granted civil liberties to the Jews with the result that most of Europe followed suit and subsequently the entire continent fell into decay.

CHRISTENDOM BREATHED one last gasp with its colonizing efforts in America.

The Founding Fathers were overwhelmingly Christian. Even the few that were Masons and Deists still adhered to a Christian worldview and a shared classic Christian education. (Of the 56 figures that signed the Declaration of Independence, only 9 were Freemasons.)

The “family” remained the cornerstone of society, the foundation of religious activity, and the rock upon which a Christian political bloc rendered salutary civic influence.

All of that changed in 1918, when through Jewish funding of the Bolshevik Revolution, the death of the family occurred.

In the spring of 1918, Czar Nicholas II, his wife, and children, were taken to Ekaterinburg in the Urals where the Jew Jacob Yurovsky, head of the local Cheka, was given the assignment to imprison and assassinate the Imperial Family.

Just before midnight on July 17th 1918, Yurovsky brought the Imperial Family to the basement. They were told that they were going to pose for a group picture. But, the Jewish assassins, Yurovsky, Nikulin, Yermakov, Vaganov, were waiting.

Yurovsky then pulled out his revolver and aimed it directly at the Czar’s head and fired. He died instantly. Next, he shot Czarina Alexandra as she made the sign of the Cross. Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia, were shot next.

As the room became silent there was a low groan. Alexei, the heir to the Czardom of Russia was still alive. The Jew Yurovsky stepped up and fired two shots into the boy’s ear. His blood and the entire family’s is now on the head of those who identify as “Jews.”

The death of the Christian family was accomplished by the Jews and the end of history was ushered in.

WW3 draws nigh. When Jewry attains to global rule, history reaches its final chapter.

Source: The above article was written by Brother Nathanael and is linked here

P.S. Anecdotally, I'll never forget seeing the movie about the Czar and his family, Nicholas and Alexandra, for the first time way back in 1971, especially the gruesome murder scene at the end. I was a young man then who had recently moved out from my parents' home, on my own for the first time, in school at Great Lakes for the Navy. I saw the movie downtown in Milwaukee. It was a cold, dreary night and I was alone and tired. I dozed off during the movie and awoke to see the murder scene. I will never forget it.

I agree with Brother Nathanael's sentiments. Czar Nicholas II and his family were a Christian family, as were the Russian peasants. The Czar's family was the model family. And if you read Matthew Johnson's book The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy, which is one of the three books that I'm recommending on this blog that all Americans read, you will also know that the peasants were well represented in the Russian political system, and they were protected by the Czar. The Czar was a Christian like the peasants. He would extend mercy to them by forgiving tax debts. The jewish bolshevik revolution removed the czar and thus their protection from exploitation by the jewish merchant class. With the removal of the Czar, jews then had free reign and direct access to exploiting the peasants.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing attention to this on your excellent website.

Like you, I saw the Massie film when I was young and I own it now. I read his books also.

What I have learned is that Massie, like everyone else in the West has completely distorted what really happened and sold out to the Jew fantasy version of events, portraying the Emperor as weak, etc. Even more insulting: a Jewess playing the Empress. You might as well credit " A Tale of Two Cities" as a documentary of the French "Revolution". Heck, people still believe that Napoleon was short when he was over 5'7" which made him several inches taller than the average Englishman of the time.It was another example of Jew perfidy and propaganda.

The real story is at once more horrifying and uplifting. the Imperial family are not considered saints by the Russian Orthodox Church for nothing.


Anonymous said...

I hope you look further into this. The wall as shown in the Massie film is fictional. The original was torn down to hide the Kabbalistic crap, pornographic graffiti and the following:

One of the things written was publicly displayed in 2006–with reference to a poem by crypto-Jew Heine* and written in German, not Russian.


Scroll down for the translation past the photos:


There was more, but this is what was exhibited in 2006.
The diaries of some of the murderers reveal the Satanic, Jewish nature of the crime and the depravities they committed within it.


Anonymous said...

Here's a sort of footnote, but you may find it interesting as well:



RickB said...


Thank you for your kind comments and invaluable input.

"Satanic, Jewish" yes. Anyone that really sees sees that.

Thanks again, Laskarina.

wallflower said...

Hey RickB,

It's nice to meet you. I didn't know the history of the Czar Nicholas II and the Imperial Romanov Family. Thank you for the story and the comments from Anon. I have learned so much via alter media...The most important being the true histories that have been purposely blacked out or perverted here in the US (esp. the truth about her wars). As I become more aware and enlightened to the truth, the more accountable it makes me, and the more bold I am to speak without hesitation. It has caused me to be remorseful and repentant toward all people(s) that our nation has oppressed, maimed, murdered and decimated through war upon war upon war. To abhor a nation of war loving citizens (since birthing these shores) and their ever numerous ways to prosper from it, wallow in it, and honor it. I am a bird without a nest to call home. Keep up the good work that you do...

RickB said...

Hey wallflower, thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind comments. I salute your courage to allow yourself see the truth... and for speaking it.

Most Americans don't allow themselves to see the truth... because it's not popular and won't mix well with their friends... and truth telling is definitely not encouraged in the jewish MSM, which drives what is popular and hip and cool and correct.

Courage and fortitude my friend.