Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando Massacre: If it's real, why the crisis actors?

Thanks to the What They Don't Tell You blog for the above videos.

Of course I still haven't determined whether or not who was responsible for this massacre is even relevant, cuz truth huckster Mark Glenn said it isn't here. But the truth huckster also contends that powerful forces backing Trump's campaign were behind it here. Is that relevant?

I'm confused. But I know that the lil truth huckster will sort it all out... all while maintaining his credibility... for himself and thank goodness for the rest of the truth movement... like he did with the Boston marathon bombing and the Sandy Hook shooting. He is after all, a premier "polemicist and geo-political analyst" (response to comment #5).

LMAO... at least he seems to have mafia etiquette down pat. In other words, he knows his mafia moves.


Northerntruthseeker said...

I am sick of the Ugly Troll and his antics...

I decided to go over there and begrudgingly look at his 'articles' on this "shooting" and I am flabberghasted... The troll is all over the map and has no direction at all in his synopses....

He truly is at a loss in trying to explain this as a false flag, for if he does then he will have to admit that false flag attacks have been happening all over America for years..

Time to put the Ugly Troll out of his misery... He and his entourage are disgusting and pitiful liars..

RickB said...

LMAO... me thinks the lil guy will be doing some back tracking... which will be a very delicate operation for the great polemcist, geo-political analyst.

Anonymous said...

Why are people ignoring the important things about this?

Anyone with a few brain cells knows Glenn is an idiot at best, a paid shill more likely.He lure people in with stories about the ME, and then probably turns any commenters or visiters names over to some hit list.

With not one single ambulance ever at the scene, how can anyone with an IQ above room temperature think this is real? (not to mention that the locale is the state of the "hanging chad", the "Venice flying circus" and is saturated with Jew human traffickers, drug smugglers, etc.

It is disgusting to see the petty arguments about one shooter vs three in Orlando, when they really need to explain why people are not only carrying vicsims from blocks away *toward* the club, but are seen to put them down and laugh about it when they think they are beyond the reach of the camera.

Let's instead look at the gay, dual citizen of Israel, who owns this club and is the head of Orlando's theater company, according to his linked-in page.

Let's figure out how it is possbile to fit 320 people into a club with a fire code limit of 30 and a grand total of twelve parking places.

The patsy has a name that is not even real,and was someone who was known to frequent that club (blackmail?).

Most importantly, let's look at the company the patsy is supposed to have worked for: G4S. This is the Israeli owned, British based (but with offices in Jupiter FL), Mossad front, Largest "security company" in the world. Why not look into that?

G4S also works in American prisons, as well as Israeli prisons, where they have been taken to task for torturing children. Why isn't anyone talking about that? When are people going to wake up about these so-called "security companies" whether it is about prisons, airports of nuclear power plants like Fukushima?

When are those who think they "alternative media" going to talk about the reality of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act?


RickB said...

Or he'll just move on to fry bigger fish.

RickB said...

Thanks for your comment, Laskarina. Glenn is delusional.