Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I'm with Sofia on Sandy Hook...

... that is Sofia Smallstorm of the video above and of 9/11 Mysteries.

I'm also with Kevin Barrett and Professor James Tracy on Sandy Hook here.

I'm also with Bonnie Faulkner who interviewed Professor Tracy here.

The Sandy Hook hoax was a wake-up call for many people that weren't previously awakened by the 9/11 hoax.

More people are joining the ranks of people that know they are being lied to. I'm not afraid of Glen Beck's attempt to ridicule those people, Mr. Glenn.

You know things are really screwed up in TUTland when its subjects are listening to Glen Beck debunking conspiracy theories.

P.S.1: And Mr. Glenn, I'm also with Ken O'Keefe and Victor Thorn on Sandy Hook here and here.

P.S.2: A more detailed video covering the anomalies of the event is here. Another great one is here.

P.S.3: Sandy Hook Debate: Well it was supposed to be a debate, hosted by John Friend, between Jim Fetzer and Michael Collins Piper... but Piper begged out so it turned into a discussion. Click here to hear the discussion and to see some very informative links on the matter.

P.S.4: 1/14/2014: According to Mark Glenn, Piper is hospitalized because of, in Glenn's words, 'a massive heart attack.' [See it here.] I wish you well Michael. If you want to get well, my advice for you is to get away from Mark Glenn as far as you can. He's riding your coat tails, and he is a lying, dangerous, delusional, megalomaniac. The wheels are coming off his train. Too bad you couldn't see that. When his followers realize that he's crazy, they'll blame it on those 'Sandy Hookers.' Others that could see better, especially those that have had direct dealings with him, know he was crazy long before Sandy Hook... besides being a liar.

P.S.5: 1/16/2014: If you debate Michael Collins Piper, you may have your head put through a wall. Really. Listen to the "heartfelt tribute and salute" to Piper from TUTland here.

P.S.6: 1/16/2014: Amazingly, the emperor of TUTland, Mark Glenn, posts Deanna Spingola's discussion on drugs [here], a discussion that he's been screaming could not be had because of doubters of the official Sandy Hook story. At the end of the discussion, she demonstrates how to have a civil debate on Sandy Hook. Will the emperor now follow her lead? Why can't discussions on the problem of drugs and the anomalies of the Sandy Hook event both be had? Besides these two matters, those damned government drills need to be discussed, doncha think? What are they for but to keep the jingo of terror alive in hearts and minds of the public, and to serve as platforms for possible government false flag events?... which Sandy Hook has all the appearances of.

P.S.7: Deanna Spingola shamefully gets in line with TUTlanders on Sandy Hook here.


M Glenn said...

You mean the same Kevin Barrett you have harrased for years and who I had to listen to you bitch about ad nauseum, saying he was 'too soft' on the Jews and 'too friendly' with them?

The same Victor Thorn who thinks that Jesus was a space alien?

Well, given your personal admission to me of your own diagnosed mental issues, why am I not surprised? You fit right in with the 'S' Hookers.

And as far as SH being a 'wake up call' for people concerning 911, what more can be said, except 'lol'.

This is eerily similar to the discussion you and I had years ago when I said that the arab spring was a hoax and you swore it was 'the real deal' and that I was a 'traitor' to the movement for not buying into it. Funny how things pan out, isn't it?

Hey Rick, how's that BP workin' out for ya these days?

RickB said...

M. Glenn, there never was any admission to you on my part of any diagnosed mental issue. What you must be referring to was when you shared with me your battle with depression, to which I said I understood, sympathizing with you as one being cognizant of the world's woes. M. Glenn, you are confusing me with another or projecting your problems on to others.

I never called you a traitor over your take on the 'Arab Spring'. You weren't open to discussion on that topic (which is typical of you, right?). I think your take on the Arab Spring should have been used as an opportunity to educate Americans on why all Israel's neighbors must have dictators for leaders. Instead your take turned out to be all about you being right about it (which is also typical of your, right?).

You constantly set up exaggerated straw men that you do battle with, M. Glenn. I'm not one of those straw men, M. Glenn. I'm a real person, M. Glenn, whom you slandered and lied about on the air.

Regards, Kevin Barrett, he has come a long way out of his American induced jewish sycophancy since the last time I spoke to him. I am with Kevin Barrett, and Victor Thorn, and Ken O'Keefe, and many others, on the Sandy Hook event.

Anonymous said...

Having looked at this site for their first time ever and knowing nothing about the author, I agree with him about the Sandy Hook story having serious problems that one must conclude that it was faked. The same way I see the moon landings as total frauds. Maybe *you ought to wake up!

Anonymous said...

Spingola just did the most pathetic radio show of her entire career claiming Sandy Hook was a real event and backing up those two ego-tripping, shit-flinging clowns MCP & Glenn, who back out of debates they know they do not have the slightest possibility of winning and then fling more shit.

They might be able to derail John Friend, like Prostink did by calling Simon Shack a rat-faced Jew for 2 hours, but never Fetzer. Whatever other shillery Fetzer is engaged in on his site, including the VicSims (although he seems to be slowly coming around on this) and protecting the actor/traitor William Rodriguez as an "honest" witness, it is still less than the combined shilleries of Glenn and MCP, who gatekeep ALL media fakery. And no one can out-talk Fetzer in a debate or recall more detailed information, hence why you'll never see anybody from their camp of media-fakery gatekeepers debating Fetzer.

No logical person who has looked into Sandy Hook for more than a couple of hours can possibly claim it was a real false-flag with real dead people, especially Spingola, who HAS EXPOSED The Boston Marathon hoax with Dave McGowan AND has been a 9-11 No-Planer since 2007,


albeit the half-assed variety who still believes in the authenticity of the non-plane photographs & videos and Judy Wood's DEW theory based on these Hollywood special FX cartoons. It has apparently never occurred to her that the laws of physics do not apply to the events depicted inside cartoons. Read the "King Kong" post of Simon Shack's on this page for 100% proof of non-plane fakery on 9-11:


I will never promote another Spingola show ever again until she comes clean on this absolute nonsense. Between Spingola and Friend, I don't know what's worse, not being able to see a PsyOp as obvious as Sandy Hook for what it is or SEEING it and then turning around and promoting the 2nd most most nutbag-infested supremacist religious cult on the entire planet, Christian Identity, 2nd only to we know who, but without the chosenites' vast public relations industry to make themselves look good.

~ Negentropic

RickB said...

Negantropic, I disagree with Spingola's position on Sandy Hook. In my opinion, she hasn't been right on everything. Who has? She's finding her way on many matters. She definitely is right on jews. The same goes for John Friend. I trust his intentions and his integrity. I don't like Glenn's demagoguery on Sandy Hook, or on any other issue for that matter. He lied about me and slandered me publicly. One day I will address that. Piper has written many good books and he's a nice guy, but because of his forgiving nature he says some pretty goofy things sometimes, like “Israel is a paranoid nation but not incurable.” If you recall when he was on RBN, he had an older guy, I believe form Texas, that would constantly straighten him out. He needs someone like that now. And Glenn isn't that guy. Glenn is a lying megalomaniac riding his coat tails.

Regards, Christian Identity, some else said it, and it sums it up well: Christian Identity is judaism for gentiles. It's just as stupid, just as bankrupt.

RickB said...

Negentropic, I originally just caught the end of her show with Piper, in which she fawned all over him, and didn't really listen closely to Sandy Hook show which turned into a pendantic lesson to her audience on drugs. I enjoyed the caller at the end.

I must say that I just listened to her again with Piper... agree: pathetic, disgusting.

I don't think she'll ever be able to recover the esteem and trust I had for her.

I feel your pain.