Monday, November 25, 2013

Lonely Jew Cries Out Truth of Jewish Culture

The following words of truth on jewish culture, meant for his fellow jews, were posted on Ken O'Keefe's blog here:

“It is so terribly and dramatically disturbing to have been raised Jewish and Zionist, and to see the death and destruction that my people are bringing to the world. It is so frustrating to say, “Grow as I have grown, see what I see” and to only hear the same broken record of Jewish victimization and accusations of “self-hating Jew” in response. If I, as one born and raised in this death-crazed narcissistic cult, don’t know how to resolve this desperate situation, how will anyone else figure it out? Please- Jews- my people- you are desperately sick. The whole world sees this and knows it, and yet so many are afraid to say so for fear of being called “Anti-Semite”, while you kill children and refuse to be embarrassed by your blatantly evident tribal mental illness. But the world will stop being afraid of you, and cease to tolerate your murderous narcissism, and the result will be terrible for you. Please, please stop before this happens. Stop before you kill another child in Palestine! STOP THE KILLING IN GAZA!” 

P.S. God is graceful. Jews have been warned like this over and over again. These warnings all fall upon deaf ears. Several years ago similar words were spoken by a lonely jewess to her fellow tribe members at a jewish-friendly Middle East Committee meeting, sponsored by Milwaukee's jewish-friendly Peace Action Center. I thought I happened upon a friend. I echoed her words. To my chagrin, and for my learning, I was only marginalized as an "anti-Semite"... with the jewess leading the way of my marginalization.

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