Saturday, July 28, 2012

Truth Jihadist, Ugly Truth Hero Exchange Notes

Jewish-sycophant, Muslim truth-jihadist (it's Likud zionists) Kevin Barret comes to the aid of the Ugly Truth hero (it's judaism, jewish thinking) Merk Glenn, who has recently been threatened by someone claiming to be from the JDL (Jewish Defense League). Listen to them exchange notes here.

The Ugly Truth hero repeatedly admonishes his followers against having too broad a focus on who our enemy is. After congratulating the Truth Jidadist for being spot on, and admonishing him keep up his good work, perhaps the Ugly Truth hero will be encouraging his followers to sharpen down their focus to that of Likud zionists too. That is a very sharp focus indeed. It certainly encompasses much less than judaism, or jewish thinking.

Perhaps the Crescent and Cross movement, which the Ugly Truth hero heads up, will join forces with the MUJCA (Muslims United with Jews and Christians Alliance) movement, started up by the jewish-sycophant, Muslim truth-jihadist, and the Crescent and Cross movement will be the Crescent, Cross... and Star of David (CCSD) movement. Hey! There are already “coexist” bumper stickers for that!

P.S. After listening to the Ugly Truth hero chumming up as he does to the jewish-sycophant, truth jihadist, the question is begged: isn't he betraying his followers and his cause... just a little bit?

P.P.S. Oh, and if in the words of the Ugly Truth hero, "the beast" is ever "put back in its cage"... and I'm assuming "the beast" is judaism, hopefully no one the likes of the jewish-sycophant, truth jihadist will be in charge of guarding it.

P.P.P.S. The Ugly Truth hero, Mark Glenn, is apparently proud and happy with the success of his new gig as a truth activist. Beats being a lousy musician or neighborhood yard care specialist.

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