Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hijack the Zionist Plot, Support the Protestors

It is noteworthy to note that it is our jewish MSM that is giving these protests prime time coverage. I'm a burned out anti-war protestor. I know our jewish MSM worked to kill, and ultimately did kill, the anti-war movement in this county first by ignoring it, and then when it was impossible to ignore it, by low-balling its size and significance and demonizing it. You never saw any jewish MSM aerial view of the large crowds protesting at the national protests in Washington DC, the first of which had crowd of over 100 thousand protestors from across the entire country, the second of which double that number, at least, and the third of which included over 500 people from across the country.

And prior to the largest protest in February, when over 8 million people protested the imminent invasion of Iraq worldwide, NYC officials per-emptively killed the protest in NYC by banning the protestors in this country from assembling on the main streets, forcing the protestors to split up into smaller smaller groups spread across smaller side streets, in order to minimize its visual impact as much as possible. There were a million protestors there.

That said, NOW is the time to SUPPORT THE CAUSE OF THE PROTESTORS in the Middle East by focusing on why they are protesting, why they have cause to protest, what they are protesting, why they have puppet dictator, etc. Who cares if its a zionist plot. Support their cause. Take advantage of the jewish MSM coverage. Hijack the plot. PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST. JOIN THE PROTESTS. Don't discourage it by sitting on the sidelines, and encouraging others to just sit on the sidelines, by constantly harping that its all just a zionist plot. Let me say that again with emphasis:


Support the protestors. Make a stink. Make it evident what 9/11 and this bogus “war on terror” is all about, i.e., zioinism and Israel. Let the US masses see the burden to the world that zionism is. This is a golden moment for that. It is the best moment for it. Then at least people, especially Americans, will get some cognizance of horrible burden that zionism is to the world. That will be a major victory in itself.

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