Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jewish Compassion: Home demolitions for Christmas

On 13 December 2010, Israeli bulldozers, flanked by hundreds of municipal, riot squad and border police forces, demolished seven homes belonging to the Abu Eid family in Lydd, a city a few miles east of Tel Aviv.

When the bulldozers finished demolishing the seventh house, children were starting to come back from school only to find their homes reduced to rubble.

Click here to see a sampling of jewish compassion for one Palestinian family this Christmas. I think jewish compassion is especially inspired, motivated, during the Christmas season. Remember Operation Cast Lead?

P.S. The event and the timing of the event poignantly illustrate the anti-Christ nature of judaism, I think. Oh I know IT'S NOT ALL JEWS. But there weren't enough good jews in Israel to stop this, were there?


Anonymous said...

So, why did Israel buldoze these homes in what's supposed to be Israel? And so this how the Jews treat their own citizens. And they wonder why we don't like them? Hmmm, well, have they looked in the mirror lately? Maybe they should. Well.

stan kohls said...

Been to Baghdad or Kabul lately?
Is what the Israelis are doing any worse than that?

rick said...

Stan, was what is happening in Baghdad or Kabul happening before we and the Israelies [in covert/false-flag mode] imposed ourselves there?

You seem to assume that by your first hand eye witness experience that you have a more authoritive, i.e., correct view of things. If you're a soldier, or some other government functionary, which is what can be assumed by opening remark, your view is very narrow and controlled.

Look out, that expert sharp shooter aiming at you just might be an Israeli working in a covert/false-flag mode to keep the pot boiling, and keep us there for Israel's sake.

rick said...
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rick said...
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rick said...

Oh, Stan, perhaps I was wrong in assuming that you're an American. If you're referring to what Americans are doing, you're argument is typical of Finkelstein's canned argument. First Saint Finkelstein will disarm and endear his na├»ve gentile audience to himself by stating that it's not “anti-Semitic” to criticize what Israel is doing. Then he compares Israeli crimes to what Americans are doing... leaving out the factor of why and for whom Americans are doing what they're doing, i.e., Israel.

Then Saint Finkelstein asserts that it is ridiculous to talk about dismantling the apartheid, zionist state of Israel, just as ridiculous as it would be to talk about dismantling America. Ridiculous, he says, equating the two countries. He finishes with no, instead we must seek to have both countries live up to their founding ideal principles... without mentioning the difference in those founding ideal principles. Israel's primary founding principle is zionism: jewish supremacism, jewish exceptionalism, jewish apartheid from the rest of the human cattle. One of America's founding principles is that every man is created equal. If America were to live up to that, the first thing it would do is reject zionism.