Monday, October 26, 2009

Turkish PM: Israel's Use of WMD on Civilians in Gaza a Fact

Damascus, (SANA) – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday that the use of weapons of mass destruction by Israel is a fact, and that it is unfair to remain silent while civilians are targeted with white phosphorus bombs.

In a television interview, Erdogan added that despite the passing of almost nine months since the Gaza events and almost seven months since the donor conference in Sharm al-Sheikh, nothing was achieved regarding the promised reconstruction process due to the Israeli siege that prevents building materials from entering or reaching Gaza.

He pointed out that there are atrocities uncovered by Goldstone report, which was voted for by the Human Rights Council, calling on the UN take a serious stance in that regard and assume its responsibilities towards putting that report into use.

"Turkey will follow the fate of the Goldstone report at the UN until the end," Erdogan affirmed, demanding that the people responsible for this report continue pursuing it until a result is achieved.

He noted that Israel didn't stop at murdering Palestinians by the hundreds, but also destroyed hospital, infrastructure and schools in Gaza, including a UN school.

On Turkey's decision to cancel Israel's participation in the "Anadolu Eagle" maneuvers, Erdogan stressed that these maneuvers are Turkish, so Turkey will decide who can participate in them, and that no-one can impose anything on Turkey in that regard.

"Previously, Israel participated in these maneuvers upon our invitation, but now because of the war on Gaza we decided not to invite Israel in response to the will of the Turkish street, which was deeply affected by the atrocity of the Israeli aggression," he explained.

Erdogan went on to say that no-one can justify killing 1500 women and children using deadly weapons of mass destruction, wounding over 4000 civilians, and destroying hospitals, schools and infrastructure, noting that Israel used its deadliest weapons in an uneven battle, which cannot be justified.

Regarding the growing relations between Turkey and the region's countries, the Turkish Premier said that signing agreements for establishing strategic cooperation councils with Syria and Iraq are important steps, particularly since they involve strategic cooperation in the economic field which should connect these countries and improve relations between them.

Erdogan affirmed that these agreements are in the interest of the three countries, establishing the basis of a triangle of mutual interests in the region that will increase the volume of exchanged investments, leading to further coordination and cooperation on the political level based on mutual interests.

He also affirmed his country's commitment towards Iraq in the fields of education, training Iraqi forces, security, establishing schools and hospitals, transport and energy.

On Turkey's stance regarding the Iranian nuclear issue, the Turkish Premier affirmed that his country wants to remove nuclear weapons from the Middle East, saying that it is unfair and unacceptable for one country to have nuclear weapons and ignore that and focus on Iran, which says that its nuclear activities are for peaceful purposes.

He called on the International Atomic Energy Agency to expand its search to include non-member countries through a mechanism devised by the UN to inspect the nuclear facilities in these countries.

"How can countries that possess weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, seek to punish Iran? Do those who possess weapons have the right to demand that others not possess them?" Erdogan concluded.

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Israel also threatened to nuke Gaza.

P.S. Just who are the radicals in the Middle East?

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