Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Army Strong"

Hello Cindy and All,

I am so happy that you used episodes from our series, This is Where We Take Our Stand, for your Army Strong video. It's incredibly powerful, and getting out to a lot of people. You did a great thing with it, and this is what the series is for.

I have a very important request, though. Please make it much more clear on your site and in the piece that the material is from the web series This is Where We Take Our Stand, and that the entire series can and should be seen at thisiswherewetakeourstand There are still two episodes that will be posted this monday and in two weeks, and then the entire series will be available as a single piece as well.

First of all, it's important that people see the whole series. But along with that, it's been a tremendous struggle to get the story made and told, and we are still in the midst of trying to get the funds to complete a television film as well. So it is crucial that both the name of the series and the people who made it be very prominent whenever it is used. It's also important to include that it is from the people who made Sir! No Sir! I'm sure you understand all of this.

We are linking Army Strong to thisiswherewetakeourstand and will do what we can to help get it out there.

Thanks, Cindy,
David Zeiger

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