Sunday, June 14, 2009

Poll: Half of Israelis Back Bombing Iran

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Roughly half of Israelis support bombing Iran's nuclear facilities if international efforts fail to stop the Islamic republic from developing nuclear weapons, according to a Hebrew University poll released Sunday.

Some 52 percent of Israelis say the country should bomb Iran's nuclear reactor, while 35 percent are against, the poll found. The margin of error in the poll of Israelis is 4.5 percentage points.

Source article is here.

P.S. Ya. Israelis are nuts. A better question would be: Should a country of paranoids have nukes? Too late. It already has them.


Anonymous said...

Isreali mentality is clearly off base. They have become a country of fanatics who actually believe that by bombing another country they will achieve peace in the region. Why does Israel think it has the sole right dictate what other countries can or cannot do. Even when it comes to the development of nuclear energy and weapons, Israel should come clean on its own arsenal before suggesting that Iran is a threat because it is pursuing nuclear energy - not nuclear weapons. If Israel follows through with its threat to bomb Iran, then the future of Israel will be in question and peace will be lost forever in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

this is ignorant for CNN to post this. this doesn't help anything and further goads the Iranians.

Zagurim said...

ld bomb Israel for having UNDECLARED nukes and NOT signing the NPT

On the other hand, Iran has signed it.

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Anonymous said...

Israel wants to attack Iran because they MIGHT in the future be able to use nuclear weapons, but what about Israel's nuclear weapons? Israel used illegal weapons against Palestinians in the last year. Not to mention Iran would never nuke Israel because they'd end up killing Palestinians and turning the rest of the Arab/Muslim world against them.

Anonymous said...

Uh, half of the US also favors bombing Iran! Tell it like it is.

Anonymous said...

It is sick of Jews to think this way. Are not there any human bieng left in Isreali. Shame on you all to promot such an inhuman act.

Anonymous said...

If I was a jew I would kill myself for being in a country so blood thirsty.

Anonymous said...

american jornalist bosses are jews
so the bastards jornos have to be simpatetic to iszrael if they want keep the job. jews are 2% of the US popolation but media bosses want you to belive the the american people support that little shitty jew contry

rick said...

Tell it like it is: There never was a real majority for the invasion of Iraq. There was massive overwhelming resistance to it reflected in antiwar demonstrations throughout the country. The Jewish media covered it only when it could no longer ignore it. Then it demonized it as being led by disconnected hollywood actors.

If there is a majority in the USA for bombing Iran, "tell it like it is", that majority is because of the jingoing, shaping and manipulation of the US population by "their" Jewish media.

If I were Jewish, I'd be embarrassed by what Jews are doing for Jews in Palestine. In fact, I'd be outraged and not want to be counted amongst such a people. In ohter words, I'd walk away from Judeaism and denounce and condemn zionism. But that's me. I'm just a goy.