Thursday, July 3, 2008

That Shitty Little Country Threatens World Catastrophe

In 2001, the French Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Daniel Bernard, said "All the current troubles in the world are because of that shitty little country Israel." The diplomat added, "Why should the world be in danger of World War III because of those people?"

Today, Ambassador Bernard's statements ring more true than ever. Israel has been making threats to launch a military attack upon the Islamic Republic of Iran, a vile deed that would have a catastrophic effect not just on the Middle East but on the entire world.

Iran's leadership, however, believes that Israel is just bluffing concerning the threats. Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki dismissed talk of a U.S. or Israeli attack against his country, calling the prospect of another war in the Middle East "craziness."

Part of the reason why Americans are paying close to $5 per gallon for gasoline is the threats Israel is making against oil rich Iran and the instability they cause on the international petroleum markets.

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P.S. Politically correct anti-war activists [jewish apartheid appeasers and apologists] lambaste me for my WW3 ZIONISM sign deeming it preposterous. But they fail to seriously consider the ramifications of zionism [because they can't allow themselves to do that]. Do they really think zionist crazies would stop short of WW3 supporting jewish apartheid?.. or that zionism could lead to anything else?

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