Friday, June 20, 2008

WHAT?? Not only Jews were killed in WWII?

Nearly 52 million people were killed during WWII, the overwhelming majority of them non-Jewish.

Among that 52 million were people also deliberately targeted by the Nazis, in particular ethnic Slavs, including Russians and Serbs. It is curious that their suffering has not received quite the same coverage as the suffering of the Jews.

On and on it goes. Death is death. All holocausts are equal and according to professor Finkelstein's book "The Holocaust Industry," this is something that the holocaust industry relies on heavily, the belief that no one will check or can check the facts.

While continuing my research, I [author Amir Tajik] heard the news of Israeli attacks on Gaza. "137 Palestinian civilians were massacred in one day!" How could it be? I checked the news again. The figures were correct.

A new version of the Holocaust; new and improved is underway in Palestinian's lands. Something must be done about it. Palestinian people should not be paying for the actions of others. They have lived in horror for decades. They have sacrificed their lives to defend their existence and their right to live.

know that eventually the truth will prevail and people around the world will do their best to stop the new and improved version of the Holocaust currently underway in Palestine. We have to break through the barriers and tell everybody the truth. We cannot allow history to repeat itself. Ironically, it is those who keep the story of the Holocaust alive [but under locked key from investigation], are now the ones creating another.

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